motorized shades for skylights and bottom-up windows

Skylight Shades and Bottom-Up Window Blinds: Introduction

ShadeSliderâ„¢ is the brand name for our retractable skylight shades and bottom-up window shade systems. Please see our price calculator for pricing information.

These remote control skylight and bottom-up window shades for residential and commercial applications can be controlled with our wireless wall remotes, or our 5 channel hand-held remotes, or by phone, tablet and laptop with our BroadLink™ hub.

We also have Z-Wave interfacing, so you can use these units with hubs like Vera and Alexa™.

Available now, the radio controlled ShadeSliderâ„¢ system has an energy efficient 12v motor that also works well in motorhome and RV applications, especially for bottom-up window treatments. We provide 110/220v AC to DC power supplies for home applications.

The unit shown in the video above is about 23.5 inch (60 cm) x 39.25 inch (100 cm); it demonstrates how the cellular fabric compresses and expands as the material is stretched across the opening.

The ShadeSlider™ comes complete with cellular material, motor, remote control (compatible with our blind, shade, drapery and window opener motors), AC/DC power supply, and aluminum frame cut to your dimensions.

ShadeSlider™ Features

  • Works at any angle, horizontal or vertical
  • Scalable design handles wide range of skylight or window sizes
  • Use in RV and motorhomes, boats, travel trailers, etc (has safe, low voltage 12v DC motor)
  • 12v motor can be powered by small external battery with solar charging
  • Available with full blackout cellular material, or partial light blocking
  • ShadeSlider™ units can be ganged together for very large skylights or windows
  • The motors can be controlled with our multi-channel hand held or wall mount wireless remotes
  • Our BroadLink hub can also be used - control with any Android or IOS or phone and tablet app
  • Our Z-Wave controller can also be used with any Z-Wave hub such as SmartThings, Vera, Wink, etc.
  • Voice control products such as Alexa and Google Home can also be used (requires smart home hub, as above)
  • Frame Width: 2.1 inch (53 mm), Frame Depth: 1.3 inch (34 mm)
  • Max/Min WIDTH: Minimum: 9.75 inch (25 cm) Maximum: 48 inch (120 cm)
  • Max/Min HEIGHT: Minimum: 11.75 inch (30 cm) Maximum: 118 inch (300 cm)

ShadeSlider™ Cellular Fabric Colors & Frame Colors

ShadeSlider for skylights and bottom-up windows - blackout cellular fabric colors

ShadeSlider for skylights and bottom-up windows - partial light blocking cellular fabric colors

bottom-up window blind and skylight frame colors

ShadeSlider for bottom-up windows and skylights - frame colors

We sincerely hope you enjoy using these advanced motors; if you have any questions or require pricing, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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